Training institute

Procurement and Contracts Management
Code Course Title Days Starting
Location Fees
PCM01 Effective Procurement and Supplier Selection 10 7-Feb-2022 Bucharest 5,600
27-Jun-2022 Dubai
24-Oct-2022 Amman
PCM02 Planning, Negotiating and Managing Contracts  5 21-Mar-2022 Amman 3,900
25-Jul-2022 Dubai
7-Nov-2022 Dubai
PCM03 Contract Management- Principles and Best Practice 10 21-Feb-2022 Bucharest 5,600
13-Jun-2022 Dubai
31-Oct-2022 Dubai
PCM04 Drafting Contracts for the Supply of Services and Goods 5 14-Mar-2022 Amman 3,900
18-Jul-2022 Bucharest
7-Nov-2022 Dubai
PCM05 Designing Tenders, Bid Evaluation and Managing Contracts 10 4-Apr-2022 Dubai 5,600
8-Aug-2022 Istanbul
28-Nov-2022 Dubai
PCM06 Monitoring and Auditing Procurement Performance  5 28-Mar-2022 Bucharest 3,900
13-Jun-2022 Dubai
24-Oct-2022 Dubai
PCM07 Procurement in Public Sector - Establishing Good Practices 10 28-Feb-2022 Bucharest 5,600
6-Jun-2022 Amman
17-Oct-2022  Dubai
PCM08 Forecasting Techniques and Inventory Management 5 28-Mar-2022 Istanbul 3,900
11-Jul-2022 Bucharest
14-Nov-2022 Dubai
PCM09 Managing Contracts, Monitoring and Evaluating Performance 10 18 Apr. 2022 Bucharest 5,600
29-Aug-2022 Dubai
5-Dec-2022 Dubai
PCM10 Contract Excellence for Non-Legal Professionals 5 7-Mar-2022 Bucharest 3,900
27-Jun-2022 Dubai
31-Oct-2022 Dubai
PCM11 Green Public Procurement 10 31/01/2022 Dubai 5,600
30-May-2022 Amman
10-Oct-2022 Dubai
PCM12 Developing a Sustainable Procurement Policy and Strategy 5 18 Apr. 2022 Amman 3,900
29-Aug-2022 Dubai
14-Nov-2022 Dubai