Training institute

Leadership and Development
Code Course Title Days Starting  Location Fees
Date USD
LD01 Leadership for Emerging Leaders 10 21-Feb-2022 Amman 5,600
16-May-2022 Dubai
26-Sep-2022 Dubai
LD02 Developing Leadership Skills for New Managers and Supervisors 5 14-Mar-2022 Istanbul  3,900
20-Jun-2022 Dubai
24-Oct-2022 Dubai
LD03 Executive Leadership: Strategies for Success  10 21-Mar-2022 Bucharest 5,600
27-Jun-2022 Dubai
3-Oct-2022 Dubai
LD04 Mastering Leadership through Emotional Intelligence 5 24-Jan-2022 Amman 3,900
30-May-2022 Dubai
10-Oct-2022 Dubai
LD05 Transformational Leadership: Changing Teams and Organizations  10 21-Feb-2022 Istanbul 5,600
23-May-2022 Amman
19-Sep-2022 Dubai
LD06 Modern Leadership and Essential People Skills 5 21-Mar-2022 Bucharest 3,900
25-Jul-2022 Dubai
21-Nov-2022 Dubai
LD07 Achieving Strategy through Leadership, Critical Thinking and Innovation 10 7-Mar-2022 Dubai 5,600
11-Jul-2022 Bucharest
7-Nov-2022 Dubai
LD08 Leading High-Performance Teams 5 14-Mar-2022 Istanbul  3,900
18-Jul-2022 Dubai
21-Nov-2022 Dubai
LD09 Advanced Strategic Leadership for Managers and Supervisors 10 21-Feb-2022 Bucharest 5,600
27-Jun-2022 Dubai
17-Oct-2022 Dubai
LD10 Dynamic and Effective Employee Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring 5 7-Mar-2022 Istanbul 3,900
15-Aug-2022 Dubai
14-Nov-2022 Dubai
LD11 Women’s Leadership in Action  10 14-Mar-2022 Amman 5,600
4-Jul-2022 Bucharest
7-Nov-2022 Dubai
LD12 Leadership Effectiveness and Development 5 11-Apr-2022 Amman 3,900
1-Aug-2022 Bucharest
14-Nov-2022 Dubai