• Dubai is the most important international destination for professional development. 
  • Alhekmah Management Consultancies is duly registered in Dubai Economic Department - Professional Licence No. 721976. Approved activities:

        •    Marketing Management
        •    Management Consultancies
        •    Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Preparation
        •    Professional & Management Development Training
        •    Technical and Occupational Skills Training 

  • Alkehmah Training Institute is accredited by The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Educational Services Permit No. 627421.    
  •  We are authorized to deliver two main categories of training: 

        •    Professional & Management Development Training
        •    Technical and Occupational Skills Training 

  •  Our instructors have thousands of hours of training experience, both classroom and hands-on in a wide variety of industries.
  • We customize all aspects of training for boosting training effectiveness.  We customize the training content, flow, curriculum, language, terminology, examples, stories, cases and group activities according to the audience.
  • We have a deep understanding of the industry, business model, challenges, strategy and the day-to-day reality in which participants operate. 
  • We link learning objectives to strategic objectives to produce a change in skillset, mindset or behavior of participants.
  • We offer effective blended modes of learning. Classroom sessions, post-training coaching, Q&A sessions are combined into a powerful learning journey.
  • We provide a learning journey. The training has a solid pre- and post-training component.  We measure progress. The true value we deliver is not in how great the training is, but it is in how great the results are.

Alhekmah Code of Practice
*Meet Legal Obligations
    •   Meeting relevant UAE legislation, including The Knowledge  and   Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai  Department of Tourism and     Commerce Marketing,  Dubai  Civil Defence.

* Provide a Safe Training Environment
     •    Providing a safe training environment, free from verbal, physical, racial   and sexual abuse.
     •    Ensuring that all health and safety requirements are addressed   according to the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice.
     •    Providing appropriate introduction to the training venue, stressing   those core health and safety requirements essential to safety.

*  Support Structured Training
      •    Providing opportunities to develop knowledge and skills.
      •    Participating in the development of the training plan and providing  facilities and expertise to client in the agreed training programs
      •     Ensuring that a record of training is maintained
      •    Ensuring that the clients are notified on the completion of the Training Contract, or advising them in instances where the Training  Contract is  in danger of not being completed.

* Provide Support
   Providing the delegate with a coaching or mentoring arrangement, especially for delegates with little experience of work.

* Advise Delegates of their Rights and Responsibilities
    •    Providing comprehensive induction processes from commencing   the course to ensure that they are aware, from the time of  commencement,  
          of the proposed training program safety requirements and their rights and  responsibilities.
     •    Ensuring that delegates are encouraged to raise questions in the  Training Centre.
     •     Advising them of their entitlements.
     •    Ensuring that the delegate is aware that help and assistance is available   from Alhekmah.

* Customized Training 
Continuous learning empowers the individuals to solve business problems, find new opportunities for growth, and be more successful in career.
Our courses are designed to provide the delegates with plenty of opportunities to learn using real-world examples and hands-on exercises. Tailored training programs can have a multitude of benefits for your organisation, including improved staff morale, retention and higher productivity.

Alhekmah offers a spectrum of quality accredited courses and delivery styles certain to meet client’s needs. We develop innovative training courses to meet the changing needs of dynamic and progressive organizations. Many organizations have taken advantage of the flexibility and convenience of customized training. 
With Alhekma’s customized training, the organisations can:
    •    Determine when the course will be delivered
    •    Participate in the development of a specially designed program
    •    Include organisation-specific material and experiences in the curriculum

Behind every training program stands a team of experts ensuring what is taught is based on the latest and best in science. This team’s expertise is the reason why individuals and businesses alike choose the Alhemkah for their training needs. Alhekma collaborates with the clients to assess the learning needs of staff and coordinate relevant training to improve their skills in line with the business needs. This will maximise employee’s potential in their current and future roles.
Alhemah has a large panel of internationally recognized scientific and academic experts dedicated to ensuring that we are at the vanguard of best science and best practice. With members from a broad range of professional specialties, Alhekmah has an important advantage: a broad multidisciplinary expertise for evaluating new training methods and techniques. In addition, with on-the-ground experience, its members bring the know-how for real-world challenges. 

*Principal Activities during the Training Course 
    •    Class Presentations
    •    Role Play
    •    Question and Answer Sessions
    •    Video Presentations
    •    Internet use
    •    Team building, social and networking activities 

*Alhekmah State-of-the-art Training Venue
We provide the ideal environment for a successful training course.
Luxuriously designed for the optimal training experience, the training rooms offer state-of-the-art equipment and flexible arrangement which make them equally suitable for small or large groups.The training rooms are all Air-Conditioned with a lot of natural daylight, and have adjustable lighting to accommodate audio-visual presentations in a professional environment. 
Standard equipment includes ‎
    •    LED screen
    •    Projector
    •    Whiteboards and flipcharts 
    •    DVD/CD/video
    •    WIFI internet connection
    •    Microphones
    •    Stage and podium

We offer knowledgeable, friendly staff, plus on-site technical support.
Great restaurants on the premise, serving a choice of international dishes from Asian to Arabic, buffet style, with separate sections for appetizers and salads, main courses and grills. Menus for meals and coffee breaks can be customized to meet the needs of the delegates. 
Business Centre with secretarial assistance, office equipment and high-speed internet access is also available. 
All training rooms are smoke free and are equipped with fire detection and alarm system, emergency lights and access to emergency exits. 

Course participant requirements
To be accepted into Alhekmah training course, participants must:
    •    Have time to read, prepare and reflect on fundamental topics
    •    Be able to attend and actively participate in the days of training 
    •    Commit to completing competency-based assessment 
    •    Commit to transferring the knowledge gained to their organisation on 
        completing the course.

Course participants will receive:
    •    Course materials 
    •    Quality learning environment that provides practical outcomes
    •    Relevant and challenging case studies 
    •    Exposure to a diverse range of views and approaches to the topics,  recognising that one size does not fit all
    •    Programs that provide value for all participants regardless of whether they are completely new to a board or have had longer-term     

         involvement and experience
    •    Post-training contact to assist progression with assessment
    •    Help beyond the training program through supporting materials,  resources and networking opportunities

​Why Choosing  Alhekmah ?