to waste management have included simply dumping it without any attempt at containment or disposal, as seen in some developing nations, along with sinking it in the ocean or shooting it out into space. These approaches are especially troubling because they set up waste management problems for future generations, rather than effectively dealing with waste immediately so that it cannot become a bigger problem.

Public Sector Waste Clients
- the public sector within the waste business area is diverse and includes:

  • National governments
  • Regional governments
  • Local governments
  • Other publicly supported waste and resource management institutions and industry.

On the policy and plan development we Offer the following services:

  • Policy research, review and development of best practice guidance documentation
  • Waste management strategy, plan and master planning advice and development
  • Market intelligence, industry market analysis and strategic business reviews
  • Life cycle and carbon assessment

On development, procurement and operational matters

Alhekmah can assist on the following:

  • Contract procurement
  • Business plan development
  • Flow modeling and option
  • Feasibility studies for a range contract types.
  • ​Training 
  •  Asset valuation
  • Site searches and site apphriasals

 Public Sector waste support:

  • Private sector waste companies
  • Advice to the financial sector
  • Construction Companies and waste Technologies

Technical Service Offering:

  • Waste strategy and plan development
  • Waste treatment technology and disposal
  • Regulatory approvals for all facilities types

Private Sector Waste Clients
The private sector within the waste business areas is diverse and includes:

  • Local, national and international private waste management services providers
  • Renewable energy and other utility companies
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Industrial companies
  • Mining Companies

How can Alhekmah help?

- We support private sector waste clients on business strategy, policy and project advice.
On business plan development Alhekmah Management Consultancies can assist on the following:

  • Market intelligence, industry market analysis and strategic business reviews.
  • Waste management strategy plan and master planning advice and development.
  • Independent due diligence, operational and service reviews of waste recycling, recovery and disposal solution. 

​Transportation of waste is a major issue, as appropriate disposal sites may be remote. Frequently, subscription pickup services are available, with people paying a flat fee to have their waste picked up and disposed of, and people can also subscribe to specialty services, like medical waste pickup services, or confidential paper shredding and disposal services.​​​​​Once collected, waste has to be dealt with. Historically, the approach to a great deal of waste has been burial in landfills. This option has become increasingly problematic due to issues like limited space, pollution, and concerns that usable materials may be buried in landfills. Waste has also been incinerated, in some cases being used to generate electric power, and some other creative approaches 

​​​Waste management is an industry which revolves around the collection, storage, and disposal of waste, ranging from ordinary household waste to the waste generated at nuclear power plants. Developing effective waste management strategies is critical for nations all over the world, as many forms of waste can develop into a major problem when they are not handled properly. Numerous firms provide waste management services of a variety of types, and several governments also regulate the waste management industry for safety and efficacy.

​Humans generate a great deal of waste as a byproduct of their existence, and they always have, as evidence at dumping pits located in or around archaeological sites can attest. Every task, from preparing a meal to manufacturing a car, is accompanied with the production of waste material, which cannot be used for other things and needs to be disposed of effectively. If not contained and handled appropriately, waste can balloon into a huge problem, as for example when garbage ends up in the open ocean where it can make animals and birds sick.

Waste Management 

Alhekmah Management Consultancies is a global provider of environmental consultancy services to the waste and recycling sector, providing advice to a range of clients including waste management industry and investors. The waste management developed by Alhekmah Management Consultancies to established waste hierarchy of waste prevention, minimization, reuse recycling energy recover and financial disposal. We as have an experience of providing advice on all waste types, including municipal ,household, commercial, industrial hazardous, agricultural and mining waste . Alhekmah offers the following services: