Alhekmah Training Methodology is based on:
1-    Receiving your Inquiry
2-     Study and analyses the actual procedures
3-    Interviewing and analyses the concern Employee
4-    Create the  theoretical training material (including Video and cases to study )
5-    Create simulation
6-     Create practical program 
7-    Evaluation and graduating 
8-    Follow up the graduated for 3 months to assure the result of the programme.   

Alhekmah Training  Program  Design (TPD) can help design and  develop programs based on specific job requirements and your  organization needs.

Alhekmah  experts in each training program will study organization needs, designs the program then designs the methodology of
 We test and analyze before, through, and after the course to be sure we transfer the skills and knowledge to your organization.

Alhekmah Training  Program  Design (TPD) 

Training Methodology