The strength of our training is the delivery by our experience and qualified trainers and consultants who are experts in adult learning and skills transfer, global standards and best practice and have confidence and track records gained as leaders in some of the most challenging management and project management roles.

Our Corporate Training Services Include:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Customized Training
  • Training Effectiveness
  • Coaching
  • Practical Approach and simulation 

With strong believe the manpower is the asset of any orgnisation, Alhekmah Management Consultancies focuses on  helping organizations developing their Human Capital Development Programs, will be translated into training programs where we will provide training service to organizations as well as individuals. Our practical approach, based on real industry experience, helps individuals and organizations  develop and enhance management capabilities approach, based real industry experience helps individual and organizations developed and enhanced management capabilities.

Training : Approved by   Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Educational services Permit No : 627421.

Customized Training :

Customized training is often more effective in the organizational context because it addresses a specific issues. Every one of our public programs can be customized to address specific organizational requirements. Material are drawn from two or more workshop s to create tailored training solutions for a specific organizations.

Many organizations begins this process by sending a small number of participants to our public training programs. Feedback from the training combined with a practical training needs analysis which help the organization identify opportunities to customized our standard training materials to address specific issues. We can customized any of its training programs to include client organization’s policies, processes, and procedures. Such customization is extremely cost effective and can deliver significant benefits  to the organization-specific intellectual property.

Training Effectiveness (Measurable Improvements)

Unless a training program exist simply for the sake of training, results should be measured and be assessments, organizations are able to better tailor training programs to ensure they address key to focus areas. Undertaken  on a regular basis, such as assessment become the basis for managing continuous improvement key management functions.

Corporate Training Services cover every aspects of the business and are customized for all the level of the organization human capital:

  • Strategic Planning Management Training Program
  • Team Dynamics Training
  • Organization Program Management Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Contract Training
  • IT Management Training
  • Finance for Non-Financial Management Training
  • Financial Management Training
  • Accounting Training
  • Sales and Marketing Management Training
  • Assets Management Training
  • Operations Management 

Strategic Planning Management Training

Strategic planning is now essential part of leader’s daily work. In order to maintain their organization’s competitive edge, leaders at all levels of an organization need to evaluate and priorities work, according to strategic goals. A successful strategic process engages everyone in the ongoing strategy of an organization, rather than leaving it up to individuals. This training includes a series of participative activities which will help guide business leaders in enhancing the long term success of their organization. By the end of this training, one will have acquired the thoughts  process, frame work, and analysis tools needed to engage others in the strategic thinking planning process. One will be prepared to lead the  boarder process required to outperform their competitors, and reshape the organization for a success long term future.

Team Dynamics Program:

An organization is only as competitive as its management is capable, in order for an organization or business to meet goals and maintain advantage, sound leadership and organizational framework need to be in place to ensure that teams are working well together. Good management cultivates innovation and fosters productivity. Ineffective teams management can lead frustration, low morale, even  loss of revenue. In this course, participants will explore the attributes of a well-organized team and learn how to assemble and lead a more organized, fulfill and productive workforce.

Organization Dynamics Program:

In today’s fast p[aced environment, more  focus being given to organization and program management . The training delivers the latest in concepts, plus theory, practical knowledge and experience across Program Managements Fundamentals, the Concepts in Program Management, Business Benefits Realizations, and Organization Change Management.

Project Management Training:

Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, controlling and resources to achieve specific goals. By the time project are becoming extremely complicated and managing project stakeholders in such a complicated environment needs special skills and tools. This project management training will teach participants how to plan and run the projects using a 10 steps confidence and implement monitoring  tools to keep you in command of the project of the team.

Contract Training:

Contracting and Professional development programs give you a solid standing of the acquisition community. Content provided prepares you and your employees to understand the entire procurement process and ensures that your skills stay effective, current and on target. Whether one is a contracting or acquisitions professional in government or with a commercial firm, it’s important that one is confident and well versed in a wide range of acquisition knowledge both in and outside his/her area.

Asset Management :

The Asset Management courses are designed to suit specific Management need within a training frameworks. They explore gaining general buy-in and awareness  of Asset Management specifications; and facilitate a detailed understanding of key Asset Management Processes, system , tools and techniques.

Sustainability Training:

Receiving escalating attention for business, this is a time of significant change with both danger and opportunity. We have an expanding suite of courses to help business leaders understand the issues, consider the various scenarios and respond from building resilience through to outperforming market.

Finance for Non-Financial Mangers Training:

Successful profit center managers / revenue generators can be even more productive if they have a clear understanding of the financial and commercial considerations that impact on their business. This training is designed to fill this particular knowledge gap in a fast moving format that never gets boring. The trainer takes the participants through a practical, flexible, view of financial matters and translates the jargon, conventions, and formats of accounting into simple, easy to understand, language. One will feel comfortable with using financial terminology, and will have a clear understanding of what they mean, and how they impact on the bottom-line of the business.

Finance Management Training:

Business officers are responsible for a wide range of activities, including financial management, contract and grant administration, data security, contract negotiations, facilities and space management, safety programs, strategic planning, and human resource administration. They must manage resources effectively and efficiently, identify and mitigate risks to attain unit objectives, maintain a sound financial condition for the unit and its programs, and comply with applicable laws, regulations and corporate policies. This training program is meant to provide step-by-step approach to go through the financial management concepts and there use in business to achieve the organization’s short and long-term objectives and goals.

Accounting Training:

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is dynamic accounting standards which are globally used by most of the countries worldwide including the European Union the Middle East and others. These standards are being updated regularly and accounts shall be kept up to date with latest changes and the implementation impact of each of them. We provide all the knowledge and the experience for one to be kept updated with the latest changes in the field.

Sales and Marketing Management Training:

The training offers a review of those techniques and skills essential to the professional business-to-business salesperson. It is a highly participative course that reinforces learning points, through syndicate and practical exercises that are highly relevant to the business. It is also a very useful method for those people who have just been appointed to a sales position and who need to understand the fundamentals of selling. All the key concepts of selling are covered in an easy to understand step-by-step format. 

Operations Management :
Our Training programmes are designed to deliver operation management skills in different sectors .