Architecture and Design Training

Development of the skills of security personnel to maintain secure environments and set up/maintain relevant security equipment.     

  1. Alarm systems and surveillance cameras
  2. Security guards
  3. Theft prevention
  4. Patrolling
  5. Traffic control and parking lot security
  6. Crowd control 
  7. Disaster management
  8. Close protection

Health care and Awareness Training    

Occupational Safety & Firefighting Training   

Technology planning and operational techniques  related to buildings, land,machinery, electrical equipment and the environment    

  1. Maintenance skills
  2. Transport, water supply, sewage, geotechnical systems, etc.
  3. Engineering software (e.g. AutoCAD)
  4. Urban planning
  5. Land use 
  6. Industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, etc.
  7. Auto mechanics
  8. Electrical appliances repair
  9. Electrical fitting 
  10. Green building certification (e.g. LEED)
  11. Sustainability techniques (air, water and land resources)
  12. Recycling 

Development of skills that prepare one to work in the catering and accommodation industries.    

  1. Travel and tourism services
  2. Cabin and ground crew training
  3. Catering and food service
  4. Restaurant and hotel chefs
  5. Food hygiene and safety
  6. Hospitality services 
  7. Chauffeur services
  8. Hotel and restaurant programmes
  9.  Hotel services, including receptionist, waiter and            bar services
  10. Events management

Hospitality and Tourism Training

Construction, Mechanical & the Built Environment     

Instruction about crop production, livestock management, soil and water conservation, and various other aspects of agriculture.

  1. Soil science
  2. Irrigation techniques 
  3. Agricultural economics
  4. Agricultural sciences 
  5. Agronomy and crop science 
  6. Animal husbandry 
  7. Farm and ranch management 

Skills enhancement: Courses offered to professionals in the healthcare category in order to upgrade their knowledge of their respective fields. 

  1. Health awareness : Raising awareness of the causes and prevention techniques of diseases for healthy living.
  2. Training of healthcare professionals
  3. Hearing aid technology
  4. Therapeutic massage
  5. Medical laboratory technology
  6. Medical x-ray techniques
  7. Nutrition and dietetics
  8. Optical lens making
  9. Orthopaedic prosthetics
  10. Para-medical programmes
  11. Pharmacy (introduction to new alternative medication)
  12. Physiotherapy
  13. Radiotherapy
  14. Speech therapy
  15. Rehabilitatio
  16. Nursing
  17. First aid

Study of the art, science and   techniques of building  and interior design.     

  1. Urban design and planning
  2. Architecture 
  3. Interior design
  4. Cartography/land surveying
  5. Community planning and development
  6. Landscape architecture 

Agriculture Training       

Media Production Training

Technical & Occupational Skills Training

Techniques in recognising, evaluating and controlling areas concerned with protecting the safety and welfare of people associated with the workplace as well as firefighting training programmes.

  1.     Ergonomics  
  2. Industrial welfare
  3. Labour protection and security
  4. Labour welfare (safety)
  5. Occupational health, safety and industrial hygiene
  6. Fire technology and fire-protection (fire fighting)
  7. Handling hazardous materials

Transport Services Training

Security Training

Enhancement of skills relating to operations and navigation of various forms of transportation. 

  1.    Land-based transportation operations (auto, ​ rail, bus, truck, etc.)
  2.     Navigation technologies 
  3.     Railway operations 
  4.    Marine transport programmes
  5.     Aviation

This category comprises establishments primarily engaged in conducting computer training, such as computer programming, computerised business systems, computer electronics technology, computer operations and local area network management.        

  1. Design and development of computer systems and computing environments. 
  2. Systems analysis and design
  3. Network administration
  4. Programming languages (Visual Basic, C++, etc.)
  5. Web design
  6. Database administration
  7. IT support and maintenance
  8. Software and hardware development
  9. IT security
  10. IT infrastructure
  11. Social media

Computer & IT  Training    

Study of techniques and skills to produce print, radio, TV,  film, music and video programming.

  1.    E-media
  2.     Film production   
  3.  Graphics and colour reproduction (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.  
  4.  Media techniques 
  5.     Photography 
  6.     Printing 
  7.     Publishing (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.)  
  8.  Radio and TV production 
  9. Sound engineering  and music production