Renewable Energy

In January 2012, H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai launched a long-term national initiative to build green economy in the UAE under the slogan ‘A green economy for sustainable development'. Through this initiative, the UAE aims to become one of the world leaders in this area as well as a center for the export and re-export of green products and technologies, and to maintain a sustainable environment to support long-term economic growth.

Alhekmah’s dedicated team of energy consultants focuses its efforts on Green Energy and sustainable environmental development.

The aim of the portal is to support the Ministries of Environment and Energy in realizing green economy for the present and future generations.

What we mean by Clean Energy?
Energy is in the world that we live in everywhere. Everything has energy. If there were no energy we would not be able to survive, and our existence would never even have occurred. We need energy to do things.
Clean Energy reduces dependence on fossil fuels, pollution and waste from energy generation and consumption.

The world is under pressure from numerous directions – population growth, financial constraints, resource scarcity, social justice, climate change and ecosystem fragility. These factors are felt by businesses in some form and need to be addressed. At the same time, it is clear that every decision we make has consequences – social, environmental, economic and reputational – that sooner or later impact us all. With rising fossil fuel prices, concerns about energy security and climate change, and ever-increasing demand for energy worldwide, clean energy projects present solid investment opportunities.

Alhekmah Management Consultancies  become  a leading renewable energy consultancy, providing engineering and technical advisory services in onshore and offshore wind, solar, wave and tidal, Geothermal and hydro projects. We have the capability to deliver at every phase of a project, from the early stages of site selection, feasibility and design right through to project management of the construction phase, operation and maintenance.

Our multi-disciplinary consultants have extensive sustainable energy experience worldwide. Alhekmah  deliver a comprehensive package of consultancy and implementation services covering the entire project life cycle .

 What we do ?
We evaluate, develop and plan power plants worldwide. We support governments, sponsors, landowners, financiers and developers to achieve their projects.

We are proposing integrated Energy solution technology assessment, site selection, feasibility study, energy yield estimation, EPC Companies  selection and contracting, operation management, development, planning, designing, construction and remote site.

Feasibility, including site selection and detailed feasibility studies:

Successful project delivery is at the heart of what we do, starting at the very earliest stages of a project.  We draw upon our expertise in the financial aspects of  Energy Project, combined with our world-leading technical and environmental expertise, to reduce the development and planning risks and to help ensure that at the end of the development process, we build  a consented and financially viable energy project.

Alhekmah specialist feasibility and development team provides a comprehensive and flexible package of consultancy services:

  • Site selection
  • Potential site identification
  • Selection and screening studies
  • Pre-feasibility
  • Visualizations (Zone of Theoretical Visual Influence                                                                                                                                       (ZTVI),  wireframe and photomontages)
  • 3D visualizations and fly-through animations
  • Steep slopes analysis
  • Consultation with stakeholders and planning authorities
  • Project design and layout optimization
  • Detailed financial modeling

Our team can provide you with all you need to ensure your wind project is fully evaluated.

Development, including environmental services, met masts and  mast installation, and remote Project development
If a site appears viable based on a feasibility study, the next step is to conduct field monitoring and measurements to get a true representation of energy resource at the site. Our team of experts can assess the resource available in wind, marine, hydro, biomass and solar.

They will then size and optimize the project recommending the best technology for the resource available in relation to energy demand ie: the amount of energy required.
At this stage planning applications can be prepared and a technology assessment carried out.

In addition at this phase of a project Alhekmah experts  can provide expert report, pre-contract document preparation and negotiations, bank’s engineer, environmental impact, operating and construction .

Alhekmah  energy Development services:

  • Identify development opportunities
  • Reduce development and planning risks at the earliest stages of a project
  • Maximise potential energy yield and financial attractiveness
  • Prevent unnecessary expenditure during the initial stages of a project
  • We provide a fully transparent service tailored to your needs and the size and scope of your project. 
  • Operational management including site and data management and technology services 

Operational management services
Operations management is an essential element of any project lifecycle, which is why it’s crucial to choose the right suppliers.

With Extensive experience in the renewable energy industry and having expert engineers and consultants who specialise operations, maintenance and optimization. We  are your strategic partner Alhekmah will help you reduce full lifecycle costs and maximize value.

Health and safety is a key part of any operational management strategy and at Alhekmah we’re very proud of our quality improvement practices.Our commitment to health, safety and the environment is demonstrated by our Training programs. Read  more in training section
As part of our operations management services, we can help you develop and deliver your Safe System of Work (SSoW),

 We can support you in maximizing the production potential and profitability of your Energy Project  by integrated our  knowledge and technology.

 Whether you require advice on strategy or management contracts or full hands on management of all operations and maintenance of your Energy  project, we provide a range of operational management services, tailored specifically to your requirements.

Our operation management services includes

  • Health and safety management
  • Environmental management
  • Stakeholder management:
  • Internal to site
  • External to site
  • High Voltage responsibility
  • Remote site management
  • Site surveillance and active management
  • National grid connection and control point
  • Monitoring and resets
  • Personnel tracking
  • ​Centralized engineering and delivery team
  • Client liaison and reporting 
  • Data management
  • Site operational performance monitoring
  • Analysis and reporting on performance
  • Site maintenance management
  • Nominations and forecasting
  • Analysis and back office support
  • Commercial and financial control
  • Technology services

Due diligence including financial, technical, legal and commercial services
Investors can require due diligence support at any stage of their renewables project. From greenfield to partially developed and operating renewable sites; Alhekmah provides technical, commercial and environmental due diligence assessments across all of these areas.

Our experience includes projects ranging from refinancing operational onshore portfolios, to large scale  Energy  projects in developing countries