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• Training Needs Analysis
• Customized Training
• Training Effectiveness
• Coaching
• Practical Approach and simulation 

Oil & Gas 

         When we founded Alhekmah Management in 2008, I recognized that many Mining, Oil & Gas and owners of major Industries were spending too much time for finding a total solutions for their Supply Chain Management, Vehicle & Equipments, Information & Communications, Design-Build infrastructural requirements. 

          We built Alhekmah Management on the promise that many of the above could be resolved utilizing the appropriate expertise under one umbrella.  We grew by hiring experienced professionals in varying disciplines with unquestionable integrity and exceptional skills. As a result, Alhekmah Management became one of the leading Supply Chain Management, Vehicle & Equipment, Information & Communications, Design-Build Consultancies  provider in the world. With the best professionals in the construction industry, Alhekmah Management began providing Supply Chain Management, Vehicle & Equipment, Information & Communications, in the world, having successfully managed some of the largest, most complex construction projects all over the globe. 

        Today, Alhekmah Management is an international multi-disciplinary firm serving Mining and Oil & Gas,  governments and international development agencies, offering a wide range of Consultancies services and solutions .

          Alhekmah Management Management Team , understand our client's needs and objectives, then take ownership of each and every project that we are involved in. No matter how large or small our role is in a project, our mission is to exceed our client's expectations in every way possible. Our history is defined by hundreds of successful projects. Our future is defined by the success of your next project.

          Our motivated teams of oil and gas experts combine global experience and proprietary approaches and insights to unlock significant value for our clients.
Our experience center serve clients across  Middle East, GCC and  Africa. We support critical decisions across a broad range of strategic and operational functions, from business unit strategy and supply chain management to organization and IT.

Supply Chain Management:
•    Goods and Equipment Procurement
•    Heavy Moves and Cargo Transportation
•    Oilfield Warehouse Operations
•    Remote Asset Management
•    Facilities Management 

Vehicle & Fleet Management 
•    procurement  and Leasing
•    Site Delivery and Product Support
•    Maintenance, Repair and Recovery
•    Supply of Armored Vehicles

Information & Communications:
•    Information Technology
•    Communications Facilities & Infrastructure
•    Area Security and Surveillance Systems
•    Training


•    Design Engineering 
•    Project Management
•    Remote site Construction
•    Build Own and Operate Camp & Life Support Services
•    Construction and Logistics